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Climate Action

Climate Action

Engaging the health voice on climate change has proven to be powerful in advancing equitable climate solutions. In order to bridge the gap between climate efforts and health professionals, MdPHA is teaming with the Energy Foundation.

We are intent on amplifying the health-voice on climate related issues by promoting awareness among health professionals on the interplay between climate and health, increasing coordination between and beyond health organizations, and empowering health professionals to engage in climate action.

To join our efforts, contact

Climate, Labor and Equity Act of 2023

A critical opportunity to advocate for health equity opens as The Climate, Labor and Equity Act of 2023 is brought to the Maryland legislature this Thursday, 2/23. If you are passionate about improving the health and sustainability of all Maryland communities, and investing in marginalized communities that are disproportionately affected by environmental harms, MdPHA encourages you to make your voice heard! Here are some steps you can take to be an advocate:

  1. Learn more about the Climate, Labor and Equity Act and how it is important to Maryland public health. 

  2. Identify your legislators and tell them how this issue affects you and your community with a call or letter!

  3. Join MdPHA advocacy committee meetings to share your thoughts and learn how to support!

Your voice can be a powerful addition to make positive change in Maryland, so don’t hesitate to take action! If you are curious to learn more about climate and health in Maryland, email Allie Berry at to get involved. 

Climate and Health Opportunities in Maryland Webinar 

News and Updates:

APHA Excellence in Climate Leadership Award

For our work developing the Health Table and our continuing climate and environmental health advocacy, the Maryland Public Health Association was awarded the Excellence in Climate Leadership award at the 2022 APHA annual expo and meeting! We were the only state affiliate to receive this award and funding, which helps us further our capacity for advocacy and partnerships. This award will soon be announced on APHA’s Nation’s Health Newspaper.

APHA's Center for Climate, Health and Equity Pilot Program

Maryland was selected as a state partner by APHA’s Center for Climate, Health and Equity to participate in a pilot program alongside Colorado, Maine, Nevada, and TennesseeThis pilot program strives to advance state and local policies that equitably address the health impacts of climate change by bringing together local chapters of advocates and public health professionals to partner with community groups most affected by climate change. Our advocacy committee will be working with APHA leaders to develop a state-level project that:

  • Help identify communities in need of support
  • Develop a strategic plan for engagement around climate mitigation and adaptation planning as well as advocacy and policy
  • Provide peer networking and learning opportunities with other affiliates
  • Develop relationships with key stakeholders in environmental justice in Maryland. 

Learn more about the efforts from Maryland and other affiliates in this program.

Health Table 

We received a grant from the Energy Foundation to begin the Health Table. This project aims to rebuild the public health voice in MD around climate, raise awareness of the health harms of climate change and benefits of climate solutions, and build capacity of health professionals to speak and act in support of climate action with the aim to improve health outcomes and promote health equity. This grant is heavily focused on educational and awareness building activities to help overcome this barrier and to find and apply methods to increase the health voice on these issues.

The table launched December 13, 2022! We plan to meet monthly to support ongoing legislative efforts by other Energy Foundation tables and to introduce health-focused policy priorities as we continue to build capacity.  In our launch we will provide an in depth introduction to how Energy Foundation tables are structured and how they support coordinated advocacy efforts, some current initiatives for this legislative season, and get to know some of the health organizations we are partnering with!

If you would like to join on behalf of MdPHA's advocacy committee or your organization wants to increase its capacity in climate and health advocacy, please contact our climate and health coordinator, Allie Berry, at to discuss how you can join. 

Climate and Health Resources

Become a Climate Ambassador - Learn how to speak confidently on climate change solutions as a health professional and advocate with Climate for Health!

Maryland Department of Environment - Climate Change Health Adaptation Program

APHA - Center for Climate, Health and Equity

Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health - Maryland Resources

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