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Board of Directors

Our Board consists of members elected from and by the general membership. Members have come from Maryland universities, DHMH, local health departments, state and federal government, health care organizations, non-profit agencies, consulting firms, and more.

Executive Committee Officers

At-Large Members

Climate and Health Coordinator

Past Presidents

Jody Gan at APHA event

Assumed Office Name

1955 Philip E. Sartwell, M.D.

1956 William H.F. Warten, M.D.

1957 Alice M. Sunderberg, R.N.

1958 William J. Peeples, M.D.

1959 Ferdinand A. Korff

1960 J. Howard Beard, M.D.

1961 Frank T. Jones

1962 William Robbins

1963 William Robbins

1964 Clemens W. Gaines

1965 Timothy D. Baker, M.D.

1966 C. Murray Wylie, M.D.

1967 H. Berton McCauley, D.D.S.

1968 James E. Carson, M.D.

1969 Emma Jane Hanks

1970 Emma Jane Hanks (Mrs. Fletcher Hanks)

1971 Emma Jane Hanks

1972 Richard G. Ballard

1973 Louis P. Hellman, Sc.D.

1974 Louis P. Hellman, Sc.D.

1975 N. Singh Dhillon

1976 N. Singh Dhillon

1977 Thomas D. McKewen

1978 Robert B. Mancke

1979 Bernadette G. Greene, R.N.

1980 John B. Dutrow

1981 Richard L. Miller
1982 JoAnne Ivory, R.D.H.
1982 JoAnne Ivory, R.D.H.
1983 Michaeline Silverstein
1984 Susan Radius
1985 Richard Sniadach
1986 Carol Lewis

1987 Carol Lewis

1988 Deirtra Wengert

1989 James F. Fite

1990 Darralyn Alexander

1991 Darralyn Alexander

1992 Michaeline R. Fedder, M.A. (AM Heart Assn Md.)

1993 Pam Snashell

1994 Beth Cooper (AM Heart Assn Md.)

1995 Donald O. Fedder, Dr.P.H., M.P.H.

1996 Stephen Havas, M.D., M.P.H., M.S.

1997 Katherine M. Marconi, Ph.D.

1998 Julie Magno Zito (Resigned 1 July 1999)

1999 Donald O. Fedder (Completed Zito term)

2000 Katherine Farrell, M.D., M.P.H.

2001 Katherine Farrell, M.D., M.P.H.

2002 Gillian Beth Silver, M.P.H.

2003 Gillian Beth Silver, M.P.H.

2004 Ruth Maiorana

2005 Ruth Maiorana

2006 Roger Harrell

2008 Katherine Marconi
2009 Jaqueline DougĂ©

2011 Margaret Hayes

2012 Jacqueline Douge, MD, MPH

2013 Hoai-An Truong

2015 Mishale Mistry, PharmD, MPH

2016 Raimee Eck, PhD, MPH, MPA, CPH

2019 Marina Gettas, DrPH, MPH

2020 Francine Baker, MS

2022 Jody Gan, MPH, CHES

2023 Suparna Navale, Phd, MS, MPH

Source (pre-1991): H. Berton McCauley, D.D.S.

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