Leadership positions in MdPHA are open to all paying members. To nominate yourself or request additional information, please review the open positions below and send your name, which position you’d like to run for and why, and a short bio to MarylandPublicHealth@gmail.com. You may also nominate others–please provide their contact information so we may verify their willingness to serve.


1. The Secretary shall: (1) maintain a written record of the minutes of all meetings of the Association, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee; (2) record decisions made at meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors; and (3) perform all duties incidental to the office of Secretary and such other duties as may be prescribed by these By-laws or as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.

2. The Treasurer shall: (1) be responsible for the funds and financial records of the Association; (2) be the custodian of the MdPHA’s contracts, articles of incorporation, fidelity bonds, and other legal documents, which shall be kept in a safe deposit box held by the Association in a bank approved by the Board; (3) prepare an annual budget with guidance from the President-Elect; (4) maintain correct and complete books and records of accounts; (5) make a financial report at meetings of MdPHA and the Board of Directors, and attach a copy to the minutes of these meetings; (6) collect all receipts, depositing them to the account of MdPHA, in a depository approved by the Board of Directors; (7) pay by check from funds on deposit, all just bills owed by MdPHA. These checks must bear the signature of the Treasurer, President, President-Elect, or Secretary; (8) obtain approval from the Board of Directors for any expenditure exceeding $200, excepting general operating expenditures and items approved in the annual budget; and (9) serve as Chairperson of the ad hoc Finance Committee, as needed.

3. The Affiliate Representative to the APHA Governing Council (ARGC) shall: (1) represent the Association during the Governing Council or other appropriate meetings held during the Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association; (2) serve as Chairperson of the ad hoc APHA Liaison Committee, as needed; and (3) prepare the APHA Representative-Elect, if any, to the duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the position. The APHA Representative must be a member of the APHA at the time of its Annual Meeting.

“Function and Responsibilities of the Affiliate Representative to the Governing Council

Recognizing that the affiliate president serves as the primary contact person between APHA and the affiliate, the ARGC assists the president in disseminating information received from APHA to the members of the affiliate governing body and vice versa. The ARGC is to represent the affiliate as an informed voice, on the APHA Governing Council, and is responsible for maintaining liaison with the ARGC’s of other affiliates. The ARGC may serve on the Council of Affiliates, if elected, and as such shall be responsible for maintaining liaison with and coordinating regional ARGC activities with respect to Committee on Affiliates recommendations and actions.

The ARGC is expected to assist the affiliate president and the affiliate to support and stimulate the APHA/Affiliate relationship by:

  1. Ensuring that APHA is informed on a timely basis of all changes in the affiliate leadership.
  2. Encouraging and promoting affiliate leadership participation in those APHA activities specifically designed for affiliates, i.e., President’s-Elect meeting, Affiliate Leadership meeting.
  3. Working with the affiliate president to ensure timely payment of the annual APHA dues assessment.
  4. Being informed and prepared with the policy direction of the affiliate in order to effectively represent the affiliate within the APHA Governing Council. Resolutions and position papers and proposed Constitution and Bylaws changes will be reviewed with the affiliate governing body prior to the APHA annual meeting.
  5. Assisting APHA, in cooperation with the affiliate president and legislative chair, with legislative advocacy and implementation of approved APHA policies and resolutions.
  6. Assisting the affiliate president in preparing and submitting affiliate responses to the following routine processes carried out by APHA: 
    • nominations;
    • Awards nominations;
    • membership deployment;
    • requests for and review of resolutions and position papers
  7. Encouraging the participation of the affiliate in the development and submission of mini-project proposals to APHA.
  8. Attending the Affiliate Leadership meeting, ARGC caucus(es), and the two scheduled meetings of the Governing Council preceding and during the APHA Annual Meeting.
  9. Maintaining an ongoing communication with other ARGC’s and the Committee on Affiliates Regional ARGC’s.
  10. The following criteria apply to the ARGC: 
    • The ARGC must be a member of APHA and a member of an affiliate in good standing with APHA.
    • The ARGC should serve a three-year term [this is flexible].


4. The At-Large Directors shall: (1) attend meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors, (2) serve as chairpersons or members of at least one Association committee, and (3) perform such other duties as may be prescribed by these By-laws or as may be assigned by the President or President-Elect.


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