Sometimes we need to put our money where our mouth is. Maybe this is through writing a check to a local charity or maybe even including a favorite charity in your will/estate planning. Sometimes there are things that need to get done that need a bigger platform and it may be worth it to donate a few extra $$ to help a cause that is important to you. You alone probably can’t put up a bulletin board in a strategic location or run an entire strategic messaging campaign, but your $25 donation can help that become a reality for another organization that you believe in. Organizations can’t use federal dollars or grant funding (usually) for lobbying activities, so they rely on donations from their supporters.

Donating money is not for everyone and is certainly not mandatory to be a great advocate. Donating your time though on the ground work (going to rallys, door knocking), writing emails, making phone calls….these are all time consuming activities that won’t get done if we don’t do them ourselves.