Can you rattle off your state representatives without prompting? Do you know your legislative district? What about your Congressional reps? You should! If you don’t, find them here. Write down all the names on a card and carry it in your wallet until you’re sure they are committed to memory.  Do you know what area your legislative district encompasses? Your representative may have to consider issues in 3-4 different counties, not just where you live.

Beyond knowing these policymakers, there are city and county council representatives, comptrollers, judges, etc, that you should get to know along the way. These are positions that are generally elected by the general public, but we tend to know less about. Don’t try to learn all this overnight (unless you are motivated to do so)! Give yourself a mandate to do it, and by our next elections, you’ll know every name on your voting ballot. Knowing who represents us on the issues makes us better advocates.