MdPHA has a section or committee for everyone. Please contact us for more information. Opportunities also exist to start a new Section (please review the bylaws – must be logged in as an active member in order to view the bylaws).

MdPHA Committees

Advocacy — C0-chairs: Raimee Eck / Erica Weiss (
Communications — Chair: Crystal Perez / Co-chair: Kelly Umana (
Finance — Chair: Nicole Becerra / Co-chair: Margot Krauss (
Membership — Co-chairs: Julia Bleser / Jannat Saini (
Program — Chair: Francine Baker / Co-chair: Marina Gettas 

(See descriptions below)

Ad hoc committees

Annual conference planning — Chair: Jody Gan
Bylaws – Chair: Liz Marshall / Co-chair: Cara Cook
Strategic planning

* The President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, may establish ad hoc committees not specified in these By-laws when needed to carry on the business of MdPHA. Committee chairs may also establish ad hoc subcommittees not specified in these By-laws as appropriate to conduct business. 

MdPHA Sections

Student Section — President: Hannah Kim / Richard Lee
Health Education Section — Chair: Mukta Bain / Francine Baker

Committee Descriptions

Advocacy: The Advocacy Committee shall have the responsibility to (1) monitor health-related legislation brought before the Maryland General Assembly and recommend MdPHA action as needed; (2) provide or seek expert testimony on appropriate legislation when requested by the legislature or its committees; and (3) assist in developing education programs for policy-makers, members of the legislature, and the general public.

Communications: The Communication Committee shall coordinate and edit MdPHA publications such as the Newsletter, the web page, or other communications. The chairperson shall be responsible for the content of MdPHA publications, including any newsletters. The committee shall establish and maintain a standard for timely communications and updates in accordance with guidance from the strategic plan and/or the Board of Directors.

Finance: The Finance Committee shall: (1) work with the Treasurer to oversee the budget of the MdPHA; (2) be responsible for the funds and financial records of the Association; and (3) plan/coordinate fund raising activities and events.

Membership: The Membership Committee shall have the responsibility to (1) conduct the annual membership drive; (2) maintain membership records; (3) collect membership dues; and (4) coordinate all activities relating to membership services.

Program: The Program Committee shall have the responsibility to plan, coordinate, budget, and evaluate all aspects of the Annual Meeting, and of other program meetings and workshops conducted during the year by the Association. The Program Committee shall be chaired by the President-Elect of the Association.