Our Board consists of members elected from and by the general membership. Members have come from Maryland universities, DHMH, local health departments, state and federal government, health care organizations, non-profit agencies, consulting firms, and more.

Executive Committee Officers

Francine Baker — President
Jody Gan — President-elect
Crystal Lee Perez — Secretary
Nicole Becerra — Treasurer
Liz Marshall —¬†Affiliate Representative to the Governing Council
Marina Gettas — Immediate Past President

At-Large Members

Mukta Bain
Krystal Billups
Julia Bleser
Shelley Caplan
Cara Cook
Adriane Griffen
Sherry Maykrantz
Jacquelyn Mcrae
Erica Weiss
Margot Krauss
Kelly Umana
Jannat Saini

Past Presidents

Marina Gettas, DrPH, MPH — 2019-2020
Raimee Eck, PhD, MPH, MPA, CPH — 2016-2019
Mishale Mistry, PharmD, MPH — 2015
Hoai-An Truong, PharmD, MPH — 2013-2014
Jacqueline Douge, MD, MPH — 2012-2013
Margaret Hayes — 2011-2012

For the complete list of past presidents, please see the list in our About Us page.