The Maryland Public Health Association is a non-profit, state-wide organization of public health professionals dedicated to improving the lives of all Marylanders.


Healthy Marylanders living in Healthy Communities.


To improve public health in Maryland through education and advocacy.


  1. Increasing physical activity and decreasing sedentary lifestyles for all Marylanders
  2. Reducing or eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities

History of the Maryland Public Health Association

The early history of Maryland Public Health Association is in many ways the history of public health in Maryland, as documented in this interesting article written by one of our former presidents. Because the organization was successful in laying the long-term framework for our present day public health infrastructure, it certainly has enduring effects even after the initial enthusiasm for regular meetings flagged. Just as it is today, MdPHA began as a volunteer organization, depending on the enthusiasm of the membership for its survival. Yet it was able to achieve huge successes by organizing a broad coalition around some important issues and using the strategy of public and professional education and legislative advocacy.

Dr. McCauley wrote an article documenting the history of MdPHA and called his article “The Success That Failed.” Perhaps it could equally have been called “The Failure that Succeeded.” As we grapple with present day issues of a still small and all-volunteer organization, perhaps we should be both encouraged and chastened by the lessons of the past and know that despite all the organizational difficulties we encounter, we can still make a big difference to the community health of Maryland.

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Past Presidents

Assumed Office Name
1955 Philip E. Sartwell, M.D.
1956 William H.F. Warten, M.D.
1957 Alice M. Sunderberg, R.N.
1958 William J. Peeples, M.D.
1959 Ferdinand A. Korff
1960 J. Howard Beard, M.D.
1961 Frank T. Jones
1962 William Robbins
1963 William Robbins
1964 Clemens W. Gaines
1965 Timothy D. Baker, M.D.
1966 C. Murray Wylie, M.D.
1967 H. Berton McCauley, D.D.S.
1968 James E. Carson, M.D.
1969 Emma Jane Hanks
1970 Emma Jane Hanks (Mrs. Fletcher Hanks)
1971 Emma Jane Hanks
1972 Richard G. Ballard
1973 Louis P. Hellman, Sc.D.
1974 Louis P. Hellman, Sc.D.
1975 N. Singh Dhillon
1976 N. Singh Dhillon
1977 Thomas D. McKewen
1978 Robert B. Mancke
1979 Bernadette G. Greene, R.N.
1980 John B. Dutrow
1981 Richard L. Miller
1982 JoAnne Ivory, R.D.H.
1983 Michaeline Silverstein
1984 Susan Radius
1985 Richard Sniadach
1986 Carol Lewis
1987 Carol Lewis
1988 Deirtra Wengert
1989 James F. Fite
1990 Darralyn Alexander
1991 Darralyn Alexander
1992 Michaeline R. Fedder, M.A. (AM Heart Assn Md.)
1993 Pam Snashell
1994 Beth Cooper (AM Heart Assn Md.)
1995 Donald O. Fedder, Dr.P.H., M.P.H.
1996 Stephen Havas, M.D., M.P.H., M.S.
1997 Katherine M. Marconi, Ph.D.
1998 Julie Magno Zito (Resigned 1 July 1999)
1999 Donald O. Fedder (Completed Zito term)
2000 Katherine Farrell, M.D., M.P.H.
2001 Katherine Farrell, M.D., M.P.H.
2002 Gillian Beth Silver, M.P.H.
2003 Gillian Beth Silver, M.P.H.
2004 Ruth Maiorana
2005 Ruth Maiorana
Source (pre-1991): H. Berton McCauley, D.D.S.